Emma Doll

My Story

From my hands to yours I construct each garment, one seam at a time with passion and integrity. These one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by equal amounts of glamour and grit, with a huge punch of girl power from past to present decades. 

I grew up in a small northern place far from fast fashion or any fashion really. Under those northern skies I dreamt of clothes I saw from classic black and white films and magazines my sisters would bring back from their travels abroad. I began to teach myself how to sew, wore my creations to school and even made my own Graduation dress. Eventually I found myself in Toronto studying fashion, on a quest for a more creative lifestyle. I really was (and still am)  just a 'small town girl' seeking a bigger world with slowly and ethically made clothes. Many moons and moves later I decided the quest was over. It was time to start sewing and selling garments. Today I work out of a small studio in Calgary, Alberta and stitch every top myself....because the best things in life take time. 

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